Necessity is the mother of invention


For as long as I can remember my mind has always contemplated ways of improving products.  Over the years I have imagined many product ideas, which have actually ended up on the market, produced by other, braver souls than me. It’s a daunting task to put into reality an idea, and so much easier to just let it go. 


The idea of the Bstring came about due to necessity. After having children I was less inclined to show off my cleavage and was hoping to find a product that would give me some cover without having to layer. I purchased some products claiming to achieve this, but for different reasons they didn't achieve what I was after.  I kept thinking there must be a better design that suits my needs. The idea kept  kept growing in my mind.  With much urging from family and friends, I decided to run with it, and the Bstring was born.