Does Bstring come in other colours and styles?

Bstring comes in Black, White & Red. 


Will Bstring fit all shapes and sizes?

Bstring is designed to fit most sizes, big or small.   Bstring is made from stretch fabric to give you the best coverage possible, while still being comfortable.  If you aren't completely happy with the fit, send it back by return post and we will refund your money (minus the cost of postage).


Is Bstring only designed for women with large busts?

We understand that small busted women also like to cover up their décolletage.   Bstring will work for perky or voluptuous ladies.  There are 3 adjustment points on each side of the Bstring, making it flexible enough to work for just about any bust size.


Most men want to know why a woman would want to cover her cleavage?

Men may not understand this concept but we women know that sometimes it's just not appropriate to reveal too much.  Whether it be meeting your in-laws for the first time, a business meeting with your female boss or going to a school concert, there are times when it's best to cover up the cleavage.  Bstring allows you to do that without compromising your sense of style.


I've seen similar bra attachments that claim to hide your cleavage, but they look like a baby's bib.  Is Bstring shaped that way too?

No, definitely not!  Our main aim at Oriental Blush is to make sure that practical does not have to mean ugly.  Bstring has been designed to compliment your neckline, it is gently contoured to flatter the décolletage.  Bstring is soft and feminine and in no way resembles anything that is worn to clean up food spills.  Bstring is unobtrusive and shapely, allowing the contours of your bust to show, while giving you confidence that your cleavage area does not gain more attention than the rest of you.  Even when bending over Bstring hugs the body, no more accidental peep shows.


Do I need to use and keep buying double sided tape to attach Bstring?

There is no need for double sided tape, Bstring is attached with press studs around your bra straps and the base of the Bstring slides through your bra.  There are no additional costs once you have purchased your Bstring, ohh except for the temptation of buying another Bstring once you discover how great they are. 


Can I make purchases if I live overseas?

Yes you can, if you have any problems email